Big thanks to people and companies who have sponsored this project!

Becoming a sponsor

If you would like to support the project financially, you can use one of the following services for one-time or recurring donations. Your donations allow to allocate more time for development and buy hardware for testing. Thank you!

If you or your company wants to sponsor development of a particular feature, you’re welcome to contact us through the public mailing list or write directly to one of the maintainers.

Donation policy

This project is developed by volunteers, with huge amount of work being done in their free time. Donations will help us to spend more time on the project and keep it growing.

Received donations are primarily used to sponsor developers time. Donations are accumulated until we collect a meaningful amount suitable for funding development for a few weeks or so.

All work sponsored by donations or customers is documented on this page below.

Corporate sponsors

This section lists companies that have sponsored development and chose to make this information public.