Version 0.2.5 (Jul 28, 2023)

Bug fixes

  • fix byte order conversion

Build system

  • fix compiler type detection when compiler is specified via CC or CXX variable

  • export symbols of dependencies built by --build-3rdparty when building static library (libroc.a), to avoid linker errors when using it

Version 0.2.4 (May 13, 2023)


  • always set file and line in roc_log_message

Command-line tools

  • support PulseAudio sources in roc-send

  • support --io-latency option in roc-send

Bug fixes

  • fix potential race

  • fix byte order detection on Android

  • do not write to log from shared library destructor

  • stop using user-provided log handler after entering shared library destructor


  • improve logging

  • refactor scons scripts

Build system

  • fix --build-3rdparty=sox when sndio is installed

  • fix --build-3rdparty=google-benchmark when there is python3, but no python in PATH

  • fix OpenSSL platform detection in --build-3rdparty=openssl when not cross-compiling

  • set Android API level to 21

  • add --macos-platform and --macos-arch scons options

  • by default, set --macos-platform to current OS, to avoid linker warnings about incompatible macOS deployment targets

  • support building macOS universal binaries by providing multiple values for --macos-arch

  • propagate Android platform, macOS platform, and macOS architectures to --build--3rdparty

  • unexport all symbols except roc_* from and libroc.a on Linux, and libroc.dylib on macOS

  • resolve pkg-config absolute path


  • minor updates

Version 0.2.3 (Mar 9, 2023)


  • add roc_receiver_set_reuseaddr and roc_sender_set_reuseaddr

Command-line tools

  • add --reuseaddr to roc-recv and roc-send

Bug fixes

  • fix formatting of endpoint URI with zero port

  • fix usage of multicast with RTCP in roc-recv

Build system

  • add new dependency OpenSSL

  • fix work with SCons 4.5

  • exclude sox and libpulse from .pc file for libroc


  • add debian packages and publish them on github

  • add rpm packages spec


  • minor updates

Version 0.2.2 (Feb 27, 2023)


  • rename roc_get_version to roc_version_get

Bug fixes

  • fix crash in roc_log_set_handler when argument is NULL

Build system

  • fix build on recent Android NDK

  • install .pc file to <libdir>/pkgconfig instead of PKG_CONFIG_PATH

  • add support for DESTDIR

  • strip symbols in release build


  • minor updates

Version 0.2.1 (Dec 26, 2022)

Build system

  • install to /usr by default (except macOS)


  • minor updates

Version 0.2.0 (Dec 19, 2022)


  • support multicast

  • support broadcast

  • support speex resampler and make it default

  • support slots (connect sender to multiple receivers and vice versa)

  • initial support for RTCP


  • return error codes from roc_context_open, roc_receiver_open, roc_sender_open

  • introduce roc_endpoint to identify endpoints using URI

  • rename roc_fec_code to roc_fec_encoding

  • add roc_resampler_backend

  • add roc_clock_source

  • add roc_version and friends


Command-line tools

  • use URIs to identify audio devices and endpoints

  • add --backup option to roc-recv

  • replace --frame-size with --frame-length and --frame-limit

  • remove --resampler-interp and --resampler-window


Bug fixes

  • fix race in PRNG

  • fix race in mutex and semaphore on macOS

  • fix potential deadlock in network code


  • Linux / aarch64 build fixes

  • Android build fixes

  • macOS build fixes

  • FreeBSD build fixes

  • support generic Unix target

  • continuous integration for more Linux distros

  • continuous integration for Android

  • testing on Raspberry Pi 4


  • add roc_peer module

  • add roc_ctl module

  • support for asynchronous tasks in roc_pipeline, roc_netio, roc_ctl

  • lock-free task queues

  • optimizations to avoid unnecessary context switches

  • improvements in memory pools

  • improvements in logger

  • self-profiling

  • start work on SDP support

  • preparations for RTSP support

  • rework project structure

  • lots of small improvements

Build system

  • add --enable-static and --disable-shared

  • add --disable-soversion option

  • compatibility with recent SCons versions

  • compatibility with different Python versions

  • improve toolchain detection

  • generate .pc file for pkg-config

  • fix build with recent PulseAudio

  • fix build with recent libunwind

  • fixes for building third-parties


  • add benchmarks

  • lots of small updates


  • document Android bulding and testing

  • lots of small updates

Version 0.1.5 (Apr 5, 2020)


  • fix building on Manjaro Linux

  • fix building on Yocto Linux

  • add openSUSE to continuous integration and user cookbook

  • drop Xcode 7.3 from continuous integration, add Xcode 11.3

Build system

  • correctly handle arguments in environment variables like CXX/CC/LD/etc (for Yocto Linux)

  • correctly handle spaces in environment variables (for Yocto Linux)

  • fix environment overrides checks

  • fix building of the host tools when cross-compiling

  • fix warnings on Clang 11

  • fix sphinx invocation

  • explicitly disable Orc when building PulseAudio using –build-3rdparty

  • explicitly enable -pthread or -lpthread for libsndfile (for Manjaro Linux)

  • user CMake instead of autotools when building libuv for Android using --build-3rdparty

  • switch to libuv 1.35.0 by default in --build-3rdparty

  • check for unknown names in --build-3rdparty

Version 0.1.4 (Feb 6, 2020)


  • fix logging

Build system

  • make /usr/local prefix default everywhere except Linux

  • make default compiler consistent with CXX var


  • fix SoX download URL (again)

  • fix CPU count calculation


  • update PulseAudio version numbers in “User cookbook”

  • update CONTRIBUTING and “Coding guidelines”

  • update maintainers and contributors list

Version 0.1.3 (Oct 21, 2019)

Command-line tools

  • add --list-drivers option

  • add git commit hash to version info


  • print backtrace on Linux and macOS using libunwind instead of glibc backtrace module

  • print backtrace on Android using bionic backtrace module

  • colored logging

Build system

  • add libunwind optional dependency (enabled by default)

  • add ragel required dependency

  • rename “uv” to “libuv” in --build-3rdparty

  • don’t hide symbols in debug builds

  • strip symbols in release builds

  • fix building on recent Python versions

  • fix SoX download URL

  • fix PulseAudio version parsing

  • automatically apply memfd patch when building PulseAudio

  • automatically fix libasound includes when building PulseAudio

Version 0.1.2 (Aug 14, 2019)

Bug fixes

  • fix handling of inconsistent port protocols / FEC schemes

  • fix IPv6 support

  • fix incorrect usage of SO_REUSEADDR

  • fix panic on bind error

  • fix race in port removing code

  • fix packet flushing mechanism

  • fix backtrace printing on release builds


  • fix building on musl libc

  • continuous integration for Alpine Linux


  • rework audio codecs interfaces (preparations for Opus and read-aheads support)

  • minor refactoring in FEC support

  • improve logging

Build system

  • allow to configure installation directories

  • auto-detect system library directory and PulseAudio module directory


  • extend “Forward Erasure Correction codes” page

  • add new pages: “Usage”, “Publications”, “Licensing”, “Contacts”, “Authors”

  • replace “Guidelines” page with “Contribution Guidelines”, “Coding guidelines”, and “Version control”

Version 0.1.1 (Jun 18, 2019)

Bug fixes

  • fix memory corruption in OpenFEC / LDPC-Staircase (fix available in our fork)

  • fix false positives in stream breakage detection


  • start working on Android port; Roc PulseAudio modules are now available in Termux unstable repo

  • continuous integration for Android / arm64 (minimal build)

  • docker image for aarch64-linux-android toolchain

Build system

  • fix multiple build issues on macOS

  • fix multiple build issues with cross-compilation and Android build

  • fix issues with building third-parties

  • fix issues with compilation db generation

  • set library soname/install_name and install proper symlinks

  • improve configuration options

  • improve system type detection and system tools search

  • improve scripts portability

  • better handling of build environment variables


  • fix resampler AWGN tests

  • add travis job to run tests under valgrind

Version 0.1.0 (May 28, 2019)


  • streaming CD-quality audio using RTP (PCM 16-bit stereo)

  • maintaining pre-configured target latency

  • restoring lost packets using FECFRAME with Reed-Solomon and LDPC-Staircase FEC schemes

  • converting between the sender and receiver clock domains using resampler

  • converting between the network and input/output sample rates

  • configurable resampler profiles for different CPU and quality requirements

  • mixing simultaneous streams from multiple senders on the receiver

  • binding receiver to multiple ports with different protocols

  • interleaving packets to increase the chances of successful loss recovery

  • detecting and restarting broken streams


  • initial version of transport API (roc_sender, roc_receiver)

Command-line tools

  • initial version of command-line tools (roc-send, roc-recv, roc-conv)


  • initial version of PulseAudio transport (module-roc-sink, module-roc-sink-input)


  • GNU/Linux support

  • macOS support

  • continuous integration for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch Linux, macOS

  • continuous integration for x86_64, ARMv6, ARMv7, ARMv8

  • toolchain docker images for arm-bcm2708hardfp-linux-gnueabi, arm-linux-gnueabihf, aarch64-linux-gnu

  • testing on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi Zero W, Orange Pi Lite 2