Continuous integration


GitHub Actions are configured to build master and develop branches and pull requests.

GitHub Actions build Roc for Linux and macOS. Linux worker uses Docker to run builds on several Linux distros. Linux worker also uses QEMU to run cross-compiled tests.

Docker images for continuous integration and cross-compilation are prepared using Docker Hub automated builds. They are based on official upstream images, adding pre-installed packages required for build. Dockerfiles for images are hosted in a separate GitHub repository. When a Dockerfile or an upstream image changes, Docker Hub automatically triggers rebuild.


Docker images

The following Docker images are used on our CI builds.

Linux native

Image Base image Architecture Compilers
rocproject/travis-ubuntu:18.04 ubuntu:18.04 x86_64 gcc-6, clang-6
rocproject/travis-ubuntu:16.04 ubuntu:16.04 x86_64 gcc-4.8, gcc-5, clang-3.7
rocproject/travis-ubuntu:14.04 ubuntu:14.04 x86_64 gcc-4.4, gcc-4.6, clang-3.4
rocproject/travis-debian debian:stable x86_64 distro default
rocproject/travis-fedora fedora:latest x86_64 distro default
rocproject/travis-centos centos:latest x86_64 distro default
rocproject/travis-opensuse opensuse/leap:latest x86_64 distro default
rocproject/travis-archlinux archlinux/base:latest x86_64 distro default
rocproject/travis-alpine alpine:latest x86_64 distro default

Linux misc.

Image Base image Comment
rocproject/travis-minimal ubuntu:latest minimal build environment
rocproject/travis-checks ubuntu:19.04 sanitizers and valgrind

Linux cross-compilation

Image Architecture Compilers
rocproject/cross-arm-bcm2708hardfp-linux-gnueabi:gcc-4.7 armv6 gcc-4.7
rocproject/cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf:gcc-4.9 armv7 gcc-4.9
rocproject/cross-aarch64-linux-gnu:gcc-7.4 armv8 gcc-7.4

Android cross-compilation

Image API level Architecture Compilers
rocproject/cross-aarch64-linux-android:api28 28 armv8 clang-7.0.2

Run locally

It is possible to run Docker-based builds locally, in the same environment as they are run on CI.

For example, this will run Fedora build:

$ scripts/ci/ rocstreaming/env-fedora scripts/ci/linux-x86_64/

You can also invoke Docker manually:

$ docker run -t --rm --cap-add SYS_PTRACE -u "${UID}" -v "${PWD}:${PWD}" -w "${PWD}" \
    rocproject/travis-fedora \
      scons --build-3rdparty=openfec,cpputest --enable-debug test


  • -t allocates a pseudo-TTY to enable color output
  • --rm removes the container when the command exits
  • --cap-add SYS_PTRACE enables ptracing which is needed for clang sanitizers
  • -u "${UID}" changes the UID inside the container from root to the current user
  • -v "${PWD}:${PWD}" mounts the current directory into the container at the same path
  • -w "${PWD}" chdirs into that directory