Maintainer notes

Merging pull request

Pull requests should be merged using script, which does the following:

  • Rebases PR on up-to-date develop branch.

  • If requested, squashes all commits into one.

  • Overwrites commit messages to add a link to related issue to each commit (e.g. “Implement feature” becomes “gh-123 Implement feature”). The issue number should be present is PR description or passed as command-line flag.

  • Force-pushes updated commits to PR’s branch.

  • Asks GitHub to merge PR.

You should choose whether to merge by rebasing or squashing.

Merge PR by rebasing:

scripts/ merge --rebase 123

Merge PR by rebasing and squashing all commits into one:

scripts/ merge --squash 123

If PR description doesn’t have a link to issue, the script will complain and fail. You can manually specify it:

scripts/ merge --rebase 123 --issue 456

The script will use given issue for commits and also will add it to PR description.

Show PR info before merging it:

scripts/ show 123

Link PR commits to issue and force-push to PR’s branch, but don’t merge PR:

scripts/ link 123

Revert that:

scripts/ unlink 123

For the full list of available options, see:

scripts/ [command] --help

Rebasing develop on master

This is usually done before making release. It’s needed only if some commits were cherry-picked to master after develop was rebased last time.

Update branches:

git switch master && git pull origin master
git switch develop && git pull origin develop

Rebase develop on master:

scripts/ master

Push to your fork:

git push -f <your fork> develop

When CI on your fork passes, push to origin:

git push -f origin develop

Updating master to develop

Before doing this, first ensure that branches are up-to-date and develop is rebased on master.

Then fast-forward master to develop:

git switch master
git merge --ff-only develop

Creating release

Rename next milestone to 1.2.3 and close it. Create new next milestone.

Add new release to changelog page.

Update version number in version header.

Update authors page:


Update specs for debian and rpm packages:


Create and push tag:

git tag v1.2.3
git push origin v1.2.3

When CI passes, go to releases page, add links to changelog and milestone to release description, and publish release.

Post announcement to matrix and, in case of big releases, to the mailing list.